Collection: Cactus Line Purses


Cactus line: plant-based alternative to leather made from cactus. BioPU; BioPU; Cotton & polyester backing; Tagua handle; Zamak hardware accessories; Polyester lining.


  • 18cm length x 18,5 height x 9cm width/

  • Weight: 1,7cm.

Sustainable processes

The handles are made from tagua that are considered the vegetable ivory.  It is a 100% renewable material.

Desserto Cactus alternative to leather:

Biodiversity amelioration in the region. 

Reverts Land Use Change (LUC).

Enrichment of soil micro-flora and micro-fauna through native and typical organic cactus afforestation.

Huge savings in water as no irrigation is applied. 

Environmental preservation as no chemicals are used like herbicides or pesticides.

Cactus is left unharmed to enable repeated harvesting from the same plant. 

Energy savings by drying the feed-stock in a solarium. 

No cross-industry conflict as the byproduct is directed to the food industry in an increased value form which is more attractive, and stimulates the agricultural sector to plant more cactus. 

Full vision and traceability of the farm to ensure sustainable social practices. 

Technological enhancements at the fields.